Funny Horse Names

Funny Horse Names

Read Through Some Funny Horse Names From Around The Equestrian World

From the race track to the showjumping arena, some breeders of horses have are truly inspired when thinking of names for their horses, here we have highlighted some of the funniest horse names.

Passing Wind - A two time winner with a name like Passing Wind you can understand why second place finished so far behind. When it comes to humour you don`t get much better than a good fart joke.

Blow Me - A race horse named in 1945, would probably not be allowed by the racing authorities today, but back then they were obviously either more innocent or had a better sense of humour.

Hoof Hearted - We all love a good pun, and when naming horses puns can be your best friend, although this horses name can be a bit of a tongue twister, try saying Hoof Hearted 5 times fast!

Iwinyougetnothing - Obviously the breeder of this horse was very confident of this horses ability, with a name like this it would not pay for the horse to come second on the track.

Oh So Slow - Surely having slow in the name of any race horse is not ideal, but Oh So Slow was one horse who wanted to prove his namers wrong and was actually pretty quick on the track.

Whykickamoocow - A very unusual name, this horse actually shares his name with a town in New Zealand (how about that for an address). Whykickamoocow may not have gone down in history as one of the racing greats but with such a great name will not be forgotten..

Shakalakaboomboom - Another name that causes dread to the commentator, Shakalakaboomboom came 9th in the 2012 grand national and competed at the 2014 Cheltenham Festival. With a name like this am sure had a lot of punters pick him for a little bet. .

Walk Of Shame - We have all done this! What a great idea for a name of a race horse, this Australian has a few wins and places.

Aarrrrrrr - The person who named this horse was obviously a big pirate lover, and any commentator should enter into the spirit while pronouncing this horse while competing over hurdles.

Zombie Stormtrooper - Obviously a fan of the walking Dead, this horse is bred for showjumping and will not be forgotten when she enters the showjumping arena with such a distinguished name, and when she has foals has a whole host of names for her foals from Zombie Nation to Zombie Land.

Horse Race With Comedy Names Narrative

Below you can watch a Hilarious race with horses with comedy names, very funny! You will need your sound on to enjoy. If you found it funny please feel free to share with your friends.

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Horse Race With Funny Named Horses :- Very Funny

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Race Night Horse Names

If you a having a race night, here are some funny name suggestions to help make your event a success.

Always Comes First
Back To Front
Cupid Stunt
Two In The Pink
Turn Out The Lights
Let Me Come In
Balls Out
All You Can Eat
Here Come The Runts
Sexy And I Know It
I'm Too Sexy
Horse Sense
Mane Attraction
Rocking Horse
Except Temptation
Glamour Girl
Red Headed Step Child
Anything Goes
From There To Here
I Like The Whoosing Sound
Lets Be Open Minded
Don`T Bet On Me
Hot To Trot
Rush Hour
Don't Tell The Mrs
Before I Refuse
Always Comes Second
Don't Tell Mom
One Trick Pony
The Italian Stallion
The Hangover
As Good As It Gets
Don`t Panic
Permission To Speak
I Don`t Believe It
Shut The Door
Didn`t They Do Well
Seems Like A Nice Boy
Cheap As Chips

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