Carting Horses, the Lorry or the Trailer?

Carting-Horses-The-Lorry-Or-The-Trailer Horse transportation is a key consideration for any horse owner. The two main types of transport are horse lorries and trailers. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and in this blog we will look at the main pros and cons of each.


Looking after horses, whether for your own pleasure, for showing or for racing, can be an expensive business. It is therefore understandable that cost is one of the main considerations for those looking at either horse lorries or trailers.

In terms of outright purchase, trailers tend to be the much cheaper option. They are particularly attractive if the horse owner already owns a vehicle able to pull a trailer. Second hand trailers can be found easily on the Internet, as can cost-effective new ones. They are also cheaper to tax and insure than a horse lorry, notwithstanding the costs associated with the pulling vehicle.

A horse lorry, on the other hand, often uses more petrol than a vehicle pulling a trailer, and will require more maintenance; both of these factors drive the cost up. The initial outlay, too, tends to be much higher than a trailer. A second hand option might be considered, but a prospective owner needs to check over any lorry thoroughly, and perhaps get a second opinion from someone who knows about these vehicles.

In terms of getting a lorry’s MOT done, it’s not the same as a car whereby you can drop the vehicle off at the garage, come back after a few hours and expect it to be ready. Lorries need to be booked in several weeks in advance.

Some find that taxing and insuring a lorry is actually cheaper than if they run a 4x4 with a trailer, so the cost consideration may also be determined by what kind of vehicle is used to pull the trailer.


Some horses do feel more comfortable travelling in horse lorries, which might offer more space and more stability than a trailer. Larger horses tend to benefit from horse lorries more than smaller ones. If a horse owner does choose the lorry option, however, they should consider where they will store it, since it does take up a lot more space than a trailer.

When choosing either a horse lorry or a trailer, you should take the time to consider all the key factors: tax, insurance, petrol consumption, horse comfort, storage and ease of use. The right solution usually depends on the circumstances of the given horse owner.

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