Draft Horses

Draft horses: Some of the breeds of draft horses are; the Belgian draft, the English shire, the Clydesdale, the Suffolk, and the Percheron. The Belgian is one of the largest of horses. The English shire is about the same size, but has long hair on the back of its hind legs from its hocks down to the hooves. The Clydesdale, smaller than the Belgian and the shire, was developed in Scotland by crossing native horses with Belgians and Shires. The Percheron, is a native of France. Draft horses are still used around the world. They are seen working on farms, or in competition as pulling horses.

American Cream Draft Horse - Warland Farm
Warland Farm In 1986 the name Warland Farm was registered with the National Clydesdale Association. This consisted of 10 acres, a barn, and a house in southeast Michigan. The farm name is a combination of the initials of the founder Wes Rogalskiand land.

Wes Rogalski began my experience with draft horses in 1986 with Clydesdales. Clydesdales were always my favorite of the draft horses until I read an article in The Workhorse Handbook about the American Cream Drafts that were all but extinct. It was at this time I decided to get involved with the breed. At the time, Wes was looking for land in Montana, driving back and forth between Montana and Michigan. I would stop in Iowa at different farms trying to find American Cream Draft Horses. In 1994 Wes Rogalski located a farm in Charles City, Iowa that had a cream colt and filly for sale and Wes purchased them. From that moment on Wes was hooked.

Wes Rogalski moved my farm from Michigan to Montana in 1999 and located it at the bottom of the Mission Valley at the foot of the Mission Range of the Rocky Mountains near St. Ignatius, Montana. Now Wes have all my foundation stock in place and have a few select Cream's for sale. Warland Farm in addition to my Cream Horses keeps a few Black Angus cattle and numerous smaller "critters" inhabiting my time and attention.

For information contact Wes Rogalski, 406-745-5111 or email at

CLAR ANN DICK'S MAJOR - Draft Stallion

Sire: Clar Ann Dick (Medium Cream) #243

Dam: Clar Ann Prince's Mae (Light Cream) #271

Nolan Draft Horses

Nolan Draft Horses was founded in 2000 and provides wedding, hay and special events carriage and wagon services. Nolan draft horses also specialize in selling and brokering farming, logging and draft horse equipment. We are glad to answer any questions you may have either on purchases of an item or curiosity. For further information please call 978 - 468 - 2760

Nolan Draft Horses offers several options to individuals seeking that special activity to share with their family and friends. We feature beautiful Clydesdale Draft Horses, and a collection of vehicles specifically designed to meet a variety of needs: If you are interested in Hay Rides, we have 2 hay wagons to fit your needs. The bigger one can hold 22 people sitting on real hay bales. For a more intimate time, the smaller one fits 6 people on bench seats. both vehicles are easy in, easy out using steps attached to the wagons themselves. For more Formal occasions, like weddings, we have a white vis-a-vis with maroon interior. This vehicle is very comfortable and easy to get in and out of, even in a wedding dress. It is the perfect vehicle for those pictures of the bride arriving to her wedding, along with pictures of her and the groom leaving for their lives together and don't forget the pictures. Part of the magic of your horse drawn experience includes meeting the wonderful horses that provide your transportation. We look forward to serving you.

Belgian Horse for sale, New Mexico
Eight year old Belgian gelding, sorrel with golden mane and tail, reputed to be gentled to harness. This horse was bought by us as a rescue mission, and we seek a buyer who will treat him with kindness. Please call (505) 627-6511 or email:

Clydesdales: Clydesdale mares for sale
Two Registered black/white Clydesdale mares: Grandview Bloodlines. 3 yr old that is broke to drive, sells with a breeding to "Grandview Eli's Just-In-Step." 1 yr old filly quiet gentle. Beautiful filly great head with a great bloodline to match. One horse cart made by Pioneer Equipment Co with hydraulic brakes. Painted red with white wheels - New set of harnesses with all the chrome. Used very little. Would like to sell as package but would consider splitting up. Call for additional information and pricing: 704-435-5373 or 704-813-4434. Email:

Canada Clydesdales for sale
Two bred Registered Clydesdale Mares. Both mares are Budweiser bay with 4 white socks and a white face. Both mares have undergone a full health inspection (we have full mortality insurance on them) and are in excellent health. $3,500.00 US each. These mares would be a wonderful addition to your family!! Contact: Rick and Linda Kachur, Canora, Saskatchewan, Canada. phone: 306-563-5414. Email: or

Percherons: California Percherons for sale
Percheron black geldings. Tom and Jerry are 11 and 12 years old. They have been used for Hay Rides, Parades and work well in town. They are a medium weight Team 1700 lbs. $5500.00 This team can not be separated. They have been together all their lives. Vickie Hart, 7809 svl box, Victorville California 92392. Phone: 760-955-1913 Email:

Suffolk: No Suffolk draft horses for sale.
7 years old, 1/2 brothers. Mike is a 1690 lb gelding, blond sorrel. Mick is a 1930 lb deep chestnut gelding. Gentle, parade broke. Come with parade wagon and harness. Broke separately, work together. Pictures on request. $6500 for the horses, wagon and harness. Call 406 467 2267.