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Jonathan Jacobs EQUINE DENTIST

If you require an equine dentist in Hertfordshire/Essex/Surrey and the Home Counties who is both kind and caring then please contact me, Jonathan Jacobs.

I have much experience on dealing with unsedated horses/ponies and will in plain English explain to the owner all work being undertaken.

I am ASED certified and a member of the International Association of Equine Dentistry (IAED). I aim to provide an improvement in your horse or pony's wellbeing so to find out more, please feel free to call.

Why do horses require dental treatment?
Horses possess Hypsodont teeth which are teeth that continually erupt through the horse's life until their mid to late 20's. Since horses have become domesticated and their natural vegetation removed the rate of wear and the action of the teeth in chewing their food has thereby altered. Such changes have resulted in alterations to the horses wear pattern of its teeth. It should also be remembered that the life expectancy of a wild horse is generally considerably less than that of a domesticated horse. In consideration of these factors, combined with our desire for improved performance of the domesticated horse, regular dental maintenance is a necessity that should not be overlooked.

Indications of Dental Problems and their Causes
The following are common indications of dental problems

-Head throwing
-Reluctance to work in outline
-Difficulty maintaining condition
-Bleeding from mouth
-Bad breath
-Cheeks sensitive
-Quidding of feed
-Dunking of hay in water
-Difficulty in biting
-Bad attitude
-Taking hold of the bit
-Sores on lips, gums and soft tissue

The following are common causes of such problems:-

-Protuberant blocking teeth
-Wolf teeth and/or sharp canines
-Unerupted teeth
-Retained dental caps
-Wave and step mouth
-Excessive transverse ridges
-Poorly balanced tooth table angles
-Impacted teeth
-Sharp points

Service Procedures & Costs
The aforementioned dental problems are just some examples of some of the factors which may affect your horse's well being and performance. There are many other issues such as incisors and disease which I have not touched upon. Below is a selection of the procedures and services we offer.

-Brief introduction to the horse including type of use e.g., hack, showing, cross country, show jumping, dressage or polo.
-External palpation of the jaw.
-Check for any sensitivity of the Tempromandibular Joint (TMJ).
-Examination of incisors.
-Placement of a speculum (device similar to head collar fitted with upper and lower incisor plates on a graduated ratchet system) to allow for visual inspection of the molar arcades.
-Removal of sharp points.
-Float and balance of molar arcades.
-Removal of Hooks/Ramps/Excessive Transverse Ridges/Protuberant teeth/Step Mouth.
-Ensure correct angle of molar arcades.
-Create bit seats (where necessary).
-Check and removal if necessary of deciduous teeth if deemed to be interfering with eruption of permanent teeth.
-To smooth, and if necessary, shorten overlong canines.
-Check for wolf teeth.
-Float incisor teeth (if necessary).
-To provide a worksheet giving the owner a written summary of the work carried out and a recommended maintenance schedule.

My normal charge for this service is £35.00.

In certain situations where extensive work is required a second visit may be required at reduced cost.

Contact Me
If you wish to enquire about the service I offer please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can contact me on 0845 347 3752 or 07977 215385, via the "Contact Me" page or by visiting my main site by following the link provided. My experience, patience and horse handling skills are second to none. I look forward to hearing from you!!!!

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Although we operate predominantly in Scotland, we are more than happy to offer a worldwide service as well. Our reputation is second to none, because we always provide a friendly and efficient service that is dedicated to making sure that all of the individual requirements of the customer are fully met.

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Whenever you are looking for equine dental services in Aberdeen (or indeed anywhere in the world), there is only one name that you need to remember: Global Equine Services. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements. Call Freephone 0800 0509 112

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