Show Jumps For Sale

Show Jumps For Sale Manufacture high quality show jumps for sale and hire. We are a family-run business based near Birmingham in the middle of the country.

Quality and craftsmanship are evident in our products, which are produced from high-quality machined planed timber, and constructed using coach bolts and screws, not nails.

Showjumping Wings

Traditional sloping wings painted in white, made with quality treated, planed timber. 6ft. Oblong wings made to 6ft. Available in yellow, blue, green, white, black and red.

All feet are detachable.

Junior wings, ideal for a small arena. Wings stand at 3ft with fixed feet and available in white, blue, green, yellow, or rustic.

Showjumping Poles
Poles are approx 4" in diameter. They are pressure treated and painted in red & white, blue & white, yellow & white, black & white and green & white.

Show Jumps For Sale - 0800 0029120

Show Jumping Cups
Our cups are an easy design with no chain or pin to get lost. No edges, very light and the youngest rider is able to use with ease.

Standing fillers - One pair spans 10ft with a pair of feet. No nails are used in the construction of these products. Designs are hand painted, not transfers.

Hurdles - Hurdles are made to 2ft or 3ft, all hand painted in Johnstone paint to your required colours

Palisades - Palisades are of an arch shape or parallel. Made to 2'6",

For a local show:

Clear round: Six pairs of wings, 12 coloured poles, 34 pairs of cups, one ladder, one plank.

Rustic course: 8 pairs of wings, arch filler, hurdle filler, style, feeder, hay rack, 14 poles, 30 pairs of cups.

Main Ring: 14 pairs of white wings of which five pairs are fitted, three standing fillers, three planks, two ladders and a water tray, three hanging fillers, 25 coloured poles with cups.

Ring Two: 10 pairs of white wings of which three pairs are fitted, two pairs of standing fillers, two planks, two ladders, two hanging fillers, 16 coloured poles with cups.

Safety cups are provided.

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