Horse Breeding

High Offley Stud - Breeder Of Showjumping Horses

High Offley Stud have a long history of sport horse breeding producing numerous international showjumpers, as horse breeders High Offley Stud breed from proven mares and stallions with excellent pedigree`s as well as a proven competition track record. High Offley Stud is has also been home to a number of top jumping stallions for UK horse breeders to use, past stallions include international showjumper Its The Business and Arturo 8 and the selle francais stallion Frou Frou D`anchin. Current stallions standing at stud includes Fernando a coloured jumping stallion sired by Kannan who is jumping 1.40m, the other stallion standing at stud is Crocodile Dundy Z whois sired by Carthago Z out of a Ramiro Z mare, he is a proven sire of showjumpers and dressage horses. For more information visit

Horse Breeding

Horse breeding is a big undertaking for any horse owner. There are several ways of horse breeding, but before deciding on horse breeding, you should make sure that your farm can handle the undertaking of breeding a horse. The safest way to insure that the foal is born healthy is to provide a clean farm, and to not ride your horse after 6 months gestation. In order to support fetal growth, you will have to provide your mare with extra food, especially protein. Typically, the length of gestation for horses is 11 months. A foal that is born early then 310 days gestation is not likely to survive.

The best time to for a foal to be born is between May and July because during this time there is the most available grass for the mare to eat to increase her milk supply. It is important to provide your horse with the daily exercise that she needs throughout the pregnancy. She needs to be able to walk around in order to save her hind legs from circulation problems. She needs exercise everyday of her pregnancy, but should not be rode after 6 months gestation for the safety of the unborn foal.