Young Horses

High Offley Stud - Producing Young Horses

- Saddleling a young horse / Break in : Break in a horse is one of the most important steps of the life from a horse, where you must teach the trust and respect building up the conexion to make a good and balanced mind on your horse.

The system will be, breaking the horse finding the best way for him and making sure every step we make, once he accept the riding we will put him or recommend to let for a year or a season on the field clearing the mind and growing more.

Thats will be the result to get a great sport horse when the time comes.

- Horse problem project:

This project is based on take the horse and give the freedom, letting him on a paddock clearing the mind and feeling as a horse trying to balance his behaviour again.

After one week we will start checking how is going the progression to make the next steps to start recovering and finding out the problem.

High offley Stud services are :

- Break in young horses.

For this kind of job we usually take from 4 until 7 weeks to ride the horse alone doing the basic things.

- Training of young horses.

For this kind of job I use to take 3 or 4 days per week training your young horse combinating riding and lunging . Working on the condition, basic jumping training.

- Horse problem project.

This is a specific work based on the behaviour study of the horse and diagnosis of the problem with recover possibility.

Its consist in two phases:

Trust Programm: Its about the first two weeks working with the horse and giving him freedom, letting him feel as a horse and mentally equilibrating him recovering his happiness and avaliability to work throught with good experiences.

Work on it: Once the horse is balanced and the problem has been found, we'll work on his recovering with the system of work or trainning step by step till the horse is feeling confortable and is ready to ride.

When the project is done and the problem is solved we recommend you to keep ALWAYS the horse on balance and a proper work system to make sure that the problem never come back again.

MANUEL SANCHEZ DITADO - Young Horses Specialist

With years of experience and break in more than 500 horses to different and recognized stables, breeders and owners. I developed the way to work join connection and trust, finding the way to start working with a equilibrated horse.

I'm a specialist in the begining of young horses, break in, equilibrating (horses with some behaviour problems) and giving them trust.

I feel a lot of respect to animals that's why my way to work I realized with love, trust and respect to them.

Give them the time and the confidence but also find the right moment when they are ready to make the next step. You always get what you give.


Phone: +34 633157992 (Spain)

My career with horses started in Spain, but it grew up in Germany and The Netherlands accompanied with professional stables. Learning and experiencing the best systems to work and interact with horses. Trying to take the most efficient ideas from the differents systems with me, and applying that knowledge my own way.

I discovered that working with love, trust, and respect with the daily work you can make an equilbrated horse; a horse that will be more happy and able to work and train.

Working at the stables, they found a special feeling around me with young horses. That gives me plenty of motivation to keep growing and improving that feeling.

I have Been working for Gestüt Lewitz by Paul Schockemöhle. I developed one of the best and quick ways to start teaching young horses. I received a great Reference Letter, I am really thankful to the team for that.

Therefore, I started working, break in and riding young horses in The Netherlands, by Stoeterij Musterd where I got the rest of the feeling and experiences. Always thankful to them to provide me the opportunity to improve as a professional.

After all that time and experiences I took the decision to start working by myself and bringing out my way to work with young horses everywhere.